Wounded Warrior Support Foundation


Often, we may not know in person those heroes, who used to fight for freedom of our country from the day of Georgia’s independence.

Many of them gave their lives for the sake of freedom and their names will never pass into oblivion. But there are those, who defended our nation in wars for unity and freedom and they are back, living beside us. We are proud of them. Their existence gives us strength and belief that our main attainment – sovereignty, is being unshakable.

Dedicated charity number is created for the foundation by Silknet - 0 901 777 771. By dialing the number, mobile and fixed line subscriber of Silknet can donate one Lari to the account of the foundation.

By the end of 2018 Silknet became the winner of the year in nomination“Forbes Georgia Social Impact” for establishing the “Wounded Warrior Support Foundation.


Co-founder of the foundation met with managers of charity organization of Challenged Athletes Foundation in United States.

On March 6, 2019 co-founder of Wounded Warrior Support Foundation Mr. Paata Patiashvili held a meeting with the leadership of Challenged Athletes Foundation (US charity organization) Ms. Virginia Tinley, Mr. Nico Marcolongo and Mr. Travis Ricks in San Diego, California. Challenged Athletes Foundation donated two sitting basketball wheelchairs for wounded soldiers of Georgian Defense Forces.

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On December 15, Silknet hosted a pre New Year charity lunch. The management of the foundation presented the mission, activities and plans of the WWSF.

As the best practices show, in USA and UK not only the state, but business sector and public figures are actively involved in supporting such foundations. The very idea of Foundation is to make support of wounded warriors a priority for the country and provide their due integration to the society.

WWSF, საქველმოქმედო სადილი (15.12.2018)

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Silknet “Founded Wounded Warrior Support Foundation”. Company will make at least,  120 000 GEL of yearly donation for activities of the foundation.

Warriors wounded at the battles for our Nation’s freedom and unity are the most valuable assets of our county – they represent the symbols of freedom and peace. It is an honorable duty of every single citizen to express our deepest gratitude and support. In the regard of the latter, support of the business sector as a corporate citizen is especially vital.

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0 901 777 771 The cost of calling is 1 GEL დარეკვა