The Fund held charity dinner and presented the account of activities during 2019 18-12-2019

On December 18 fund held the event, summarizing activities of the year. Invited guests were presented detailed report of spendings including 120 000 GEL committed by Silknet, added by donation contributed from companies and individuals. The total sum of the donation altogether made 293 600 GEL.

In 2019 there were up to 50 beneficiaries supported by the fund for following needs: urgent surgeries, courses of English language for professional requalification, rehabilitation courses and operations for underage children of veterans and soldiers, adapting of a living space, purchase of a special mechanical wheelchair, provision with medicines for urgent healthcare cases, rehabilitation courses, etc.

During the course of the gathering donations from private sector, diplomatic corps and individuals were made. The fund management expressed its gratitude towards those, who stood by the fund last year and supports now.

Along with reporting past year activities, founder of the fund, George Ramishvili and co-founder and CEO, David Mamulaishvili declared, that the fund has grander plans for the future, fulfillment of which will be possible within the joint efforts made by private and public sector, as well as individuals.

Charity dinner was attended by representatives of business, public, diplomatic corps and Ministry of efence and State Service of Veterans Affairs.

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