“Dare to Adventure” - French and Georgian Wounded Warriors Managed the Peak of Mkinvartsveri Mountain.

“Wounded Warrior Support Foundation” joined a very exciting initiative of a French former soldier, Gwenael Breton. Gwenael has a purpose to travel around the world. His main transports are a bicycle and a boat. In the meantime he takes parts in sport activities and competitions and thus he expresses his support to wounded warriors carrying a message “Dare to Adventure”. Gwenael Breton invites volunteers to join him in his initiative to create the world solidarity network for all the warriors, who got wounded in battles. He believes, that this journey serves a kind purpose and will make everyone feel happier.

While visiting Georgia he learned about our foundation. “Wounded Warrior Support Foundation” joined his initiative to support his global message for the wounded warriors and supported his trip to the mount Mkinvartsveri in Kazbegi. This journey was a symbolic one as Georgian wounded military servicemen also joint it. Together French and Georgian wounded warriors spread the supporting message for wounded warriors all over the globe from the 5000 meters of Mountain peak.

Gwenael Breton shared his impressions with Euronews Georgia: https://youtu.be/xYzf53GxXNw


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