Get help

If you are a wounded serving military official, you are kindly requested to refer to Ministry of Defense of Georgia for the initial consideration of your application:

Contact person: Nino Chagaridze, Giorgi Shengelia

Phone: (+995) 599 078 789; (+995) 599 501 817

E-mail address:



If you are a wouded veteran, you are kindly requested to refer to Veterans’ Union in Georgia for the initial consideration of our application:

Phone: (+995 32) 248 16 26

E-mail address:



Your application will be submitted for consideration to the above-mentioned entities in order to determine, that you comply with the given criteria (Criteria can be viewed on this link).

If your application is in line with the criteria of the foundation, it will be further sent to the supervisory board of the foundation. The latter will decide to provide full or shared support, based on the resources available at the time.

(Your will receive reply on your application within 10 working days from the moment of submitting the application to the Supervisory board) პასუხი თქვენს მოთხოვნაზე დაგიბრუნდებათ ფონდის მმართველობის მიერ საკითხის განხილვიდან 10 (ათი) სამუშაო დღის განმავლობაში).

0 901 777 771 The cost of calling is 1 GEL დარეკვა