Presentation of the Foundation

On July 16, 2018 Silknet initiated a reception, ceremony dedicated to launching “Wounded Warrior Support Foundation” where following officials were present: Prime Minister of Georgia, Minister of Defense, Mayor of Tbilisi, US Ambassador in Charge, Ambassadors of Austria, UK, Japan and France, Military Attachés, NATO CoreTeam and US Office for Defense Cooperation (ODC), wounded military officers, members of Business Association of Georgia etc. Catholicos-Patriarch of Georgia Ilia II blessed the fund. Members of Patriarchate were also present at the event.

Silknet undertook to donate not less than GEL 120,000 annually to the foundation and to permanently seek to increase the number of supporters of the Foundation. Company “Deti” had joined the initiative and would donate GEL 20 000 annually.

The mission and aims of the new foundation will be based on transparent and responsible actions. The supervisory board will periodically report and update the public about the Foundation’s activities and lead an open communication about beneficiaries.

0 901 777 771 The cost of calling is 1 GEL დარეკვა