Charity Lunch

On December 15, Silknet hosted a pre New Year charity lunch. The management of the foundation presented the mission, activities and plans of the WWSF. As the best practices show, in USA and UK not only the state, but business sector and public figures are actively involved in supporting such foundations. The very idea of Foundation is to make support of wounded warriors a priority for the country and provide their due integration to the society.

Giorgi Ramishvili, Founder of Silk Road Group and WWSF and David Mamulaishvili, Director of Silknet and WWSF asked the business sector and other attendees to unite under this initiative and provide worthy being of wounded warriors and their families.

Number of companies and individuals expressed their will and readiness to support the Foundation’s activities. Some companies had already made contributions before attending the charity lunch. Also, generous donations were made during the event.

The foundation leads a transparent audit of its activities and periodically updates its performance results. For this, internationally recognized audit report will be made for its due accountability. 

0 901 777 771 The cost of calling is 1 GEL დარეკვა